The Art of the Short Novel

I’m fascinated, obsessed may be a better term, with word count. I want to make sure I reach the magical number of 50,000 words when writing a novel. Native Moments is around 95,000 words. Perhaps a bit on the long side. As of now, Panhandlers is just above 58,000 words and I’m working on paring it down to get it as tight and precise as possible. I like a quick read. While I think of Native Moments as a quick read, and others have said so too, Panhandlers will be more so. In this day of instant gratification and short attention spans, I want to keep my readers turning the pages before they have a chance to get distracted by the next shiny object. Somebody once called it poetry in prose.

Here is a list of classic short novels:

Native Moments is available on kindle or paperback on Amazon. Panhandlers will be available Sept 2018.

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