Panhandlers Book Giveaway

My next novel, Panhandlers, will be released October 15th and as I did with my first release, went to Goodreads to set up a giveaway. Goodreads now charges authors to give their book away for free. And they charge a lot. $199 is the cheapest. Don’t understand how that is beneficial. Instead I’ll run my own giveaway. To enter: go to my Facebook page and like it if you haven’t. Pinned to the top of the timeline, you’ll see a contest post. Follow the instructions and hopefully you’ll win! If not, you can always purchase it on Amazon.

Good luck

2 thoughts on “Panhandlers Book Giveaway

    1. Yeah or they would like to make money off authors who are desperate to have people read their work. It’s a bummer. It was a good program to help unknown authors get their name out to potential readers. I know I’m not going to spend $100 for me to give away one book. That’s an odd business proposal.


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