Should I Advertise my Books on Amazon or Google?

Hint: Free book offer at the bottom of the post. Writing a book is difficult. Getting your book published is more difficult than writing a book. Selling books is harder than both and probably the most difficult part of being a writer. I worked hard trying to go the traditional route for my first novel. Received 76 rejections from agents and publishers. Spent countless hours … Continue reading Should I Advertise my Books on Amazon or Google?

#1 Bestseller

Small accomplishment, but it means a lot to me in my writing journey. On this day, 03/06/2020, Native Moments reached #1 bestseller status in the Central and South American Travel and Tourism category on Amazon. I think what’s really surprising to me is that this happened nearly 2.5 years after it was published, which lets me know that it is surviving in an era of … Continue reading #1 Bestseller

New write up for Panhandlers

Really pleased with this review that came out today in Emerald Coast Magazine. Nearly a year after its release, Panhandlers still finding readers. Read the review here: Purchase a copy or three of Panhandlers here: Continue reading New write up for Panhandlers

Writing Update: Third Novel in the Works

Since Panhandlers has been finished I’ve been slowly working on my third novel. This one is slow going. I’m attempting to write a Southern as opposed to a Western. I’ve always loved Westerns and wanted to write one, but I don’t live in the West. I’ve never lived in the West. I have no family that live out that way either. I felt it would be … Continue reading Writing Update: Third Novel in the Works

Free copy of Panhandlers!

Looking for some readers that would enjoy reading a gritty southern story set in the piney woods of the Florida Panhandle. Need people that would be willing to read it in exchange for honest reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. If you have a blog even better. Email me at and I will send you a pdf copy. If you would rather just buy it, … Continue reading Free copy of Panhandlers!

First Two Reviews for Panhandlers!

My follow up novel, Panhandlers, was officially released on Oct. 15th, 2018 and the Kindle version was released shortly after on Oct. 24th. Two early reviews have come in, one from Readers Favorites and another on Amazon from a reader. I’m including both in their entirety in hopes that it entices you to head over to Amazon and purchase a copy. Reviewed by Kris Moger for Readers’ … Continue reading First Two Reviews for Panhandlers!