Two new press write ups

It’s pretty exciting to see Native Moments getting some press in the surfing community. The one I really wasn’t expecting showed up on Brazilian site. Continue reading Two new press write ups

Currently Reading 

   In preparation for my first creative writing course I visited Open Books, a “non-profit, volunteer run book store. Proceeds from the sale of books and donations support the Prison Book Project.” I haven’t given poetry the full attention I should have and knew that the staff there would be able to help me select some important books to familiarize myself before the fall semester. … Continue reading Currently Reading 

So You Want to Be a Writer? 

I’ll be teaching my first creative writing course in the fall at a university. I’m still learning to be a better writer and I’m expected to pass on knowledge to other young aspiring writers? Although I won’t be teaching Charles Bukowski during the semester, I figured I’d start the class with one of his poems. It may be a little melodramatic, but there is an … Continue reading So You Want to Be a Writer?