Writing Your Second Book

When starting the first book, all that’s wanted is to finish it. When it’s finished, all that’s wanted is for it to get published. When it’s published, all that is wanted is for people to read it and like it. Then it’s on to the second book. How do you write a second book? It has to be better than the first, yet you have given everything you had in the first. So, a writer must dig down and create something that is better than anything he has been capable of creating up to that point. Where does the creativity come from? Where does the motivation come from? Is writing the second book harder than the first? How is it possible when the first was the hardest thing ever done? 


2 thoughts on “Writing Your Second Book

  1. For me, the second book was almost easier than the first. I think it just depends on where you are with writing. My first book didn’t get me an agent, but my second book CALLED to me… and I got my agent with it.

    Now I’m on my third, though, and it seems more in line with a “second.” I want it so badly to be “good” that I’m struggling to really piece it together. The first was so easy. I sat down, and always had the motivation and drive to write. Now I have to MAKE myself. It’s exhausting.

    Great post! Also, your book looks very intriguing. Congratulations, and good luck!

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