September Submissions, updated.

In the month of September I have sent 36 queries for my novel Native Moments. I’ve received 5 rejections in return. All forms. The most straight forward was one that said, “not for me.” No capitalization, no punctuation, no gesture of gratitude. I guess it just wasn’t for her. I may tweak my query letter yet again. At least I haven’t received one like Gertrude … Continue reading September Submissions, updated.

Top 5 must visits in New Orleans

 Very few cities inspire art like New Orleans. Whenever my creative well begins to dry, a quick stroll through the French Quarter along with a few libations and I’m ready sit my ass in a chair in front of a computer and write again. For first time visitors, The Big Sleazy can be intimidating. Of course everyone wants to go to Bourbon Street, but in all honesty, Bourbon Street is the least exciting place and most annoying. If Erin Rose or French 57 weren’t located just off the famous street of debauchery, I may never hop over puke filled puddles or dodge flying beads from above again. But those two places make my Top 5. So, this is just a quick day trip visit guide of what I like to do when have to time practice the art of the flaneur in one of the most beautiful cities in America. Continue reading “Top 5 must visits in New Orleans”

Music as Inspiration for Writing

It’s not just great fiction that makes me want to sit down at a computer and bleed onto the keyboard. A lot of times it is music. Especially if it’s live music. And anytime I hear Sturgill Simpson’s “Livin the Dream” the only thing I want to do is write. “Ain’t no point in gettin out of bed if you ain’t livin the dream.” Here … Continue reading Music as Inspiration for Writing

An Interview with Andy Paris

In 2011, I was honored to sit down with Andy Paris, one of the collaborators on The Laramie Project, a play written by the Tectonic Theater Project. For those unfamiliar with The Laramie Project, you might have heard of the horrendous tragedy of Mathew Shepard. In 1998, Mathew Shepard was a college student at the University of Wyoming. After meeting two guys at the Fireside … Continue reading An Interview with Andy Paris

List of Notable Rejections

Found this at Chicken Soup for the Soul by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen – 140 rejections Dubliners by James Joyce – 22 rejections Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – 121 times rejections Carrie by Stephen King – 30 rejections Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell – 38 rejections Dune by Frank Herbert – 23 rejections JK Rowling – 12 … Continue reading List of Notable Rejections