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Dean Kamen quote

Found this today while searching for an inspiring quote. It’s fitting, seeing as how I ride segways for a living and Dean Kamen is the genius inventor of the vehicle that earns me a living while I struggle to become a published author.

Spent today, while not giving tours, submitting more query letters. Closing in on 20 now. Have received two rejections so far. But I ran across and have recorded all my submissions on to that. It is a free service and seems like it will be beneficial in helping me keep track of where I’ve sent query letters.

Has anyone else used it? Is there another method you prefer?

3 thoughts on “More submissions

  1. Hi Nic, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for your success. I’ve been using Querytracker for about 2 years. It’s very handy, and the tracking tool makes follow-up much easier (compared to doing a manual spreadsheet).


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