#1 Bestseller

Small accomplishment, but it means a lot to me in my writing journey. On this day, 03/06/2020, Native Moments reached #1 bestseller status in the Central and South American Travel and Tourism category on Amazon. I think what’s really surprising to me is that this happened nearly 2.5 years after it was published, which lets me know that it is surviving in an era of … Continue reading #1 Bestseller

Is blogging a waste of time for writers?

Author L.L. Barkat thinks so: https://janefriedman.com/its-time-for-many-experienced-writers-to-stop-blogging/ I will not lie. I have not heard of L.L. Barkat until I came across her blog post. So, is it a waste of time? I looked at her Amazon page, her twitter account and even saw that she has a lifecoaching business and website. She wrote a blog about blogging being a waste of time, yet it exposed … Continue reading Is blogging a waste of time for writers?

Why write short stories?

The short answer to this is because all the bad asses of the literary world have: Flannery O’ Conner,  Joyce Carol Oates, Hemingway, Raymond Carver and the list goes on. But why ask this question? Because I like the short story. I like writing them and I like reading them, but the problem is that they don’t really sell. Sure, don’t write because you want … Continue reading Why write short stories?

Paris Review Interview with John Gardner

You ever get stuck reading the Art of Fiction? Sometimes, I can’t enough. Even if I’ve read them before. Here is one I read today. John Gardner’s #73 from 1979. Enjoy. INTERVIEWER You have been called a “philosophical novelist.” What do you think of the label? GARDNER I’m not sure that being a philosophical novelist is better than being some other kind, but I guess … Continue reading Paris Review Interview with John Gardner

Overcoming self doubt and criticism

At some point, the satisfaction I felt from reading a well written story crossed over to wanting to be able to write a well written story. I wanted to learn the craft of storytelling to see if I could tell a compelling story, one that stuck with the readers after they finished it. I wrote a story that I thought would be fun to read. … Continue reading Overcoming self doubt and criticism