What Next?

Final edits of Native Moments are finished. Besides promoting the book, there is nothing else I can do with it. Now I turn my attention to my next project. I have a novella already finished and maybe twenty short stories. Was thinking of trying to get a collection of short stories published, but I don’t know how well short stories sell. I still think, if my publisher would take it of course, I would like to get them off my computer into the real world for people to read. But then I need to produce another novel. I have about 60-75 pages written of two different novels. One set in my hometown of Pensacola, a sort of coming to age tale. And the other is set in Key West exploring the life of four street performers. However, the other day I was speaking with a friend and we talked about my father. My father dropped out of school and went to fight in Korea at the age of fifteen. He then later spent five years in Vietnam. If he were alive, I’d love to hear the stories, even though many, I’m sure,  are ones he would have rather not experienced. Unfortunately, he died when I was fourteen so I never really got to speak to him as a man. If I were to write his story it would have to come pieced together from my mother and my older siblings. Not sure if they would be up for it. By putting it out here, I’m hoping it sparks something in me that I will not be able to let go. And now as I’ve put those words down, I know it something that will have to come out. It is a story that must be told. And when I press the publish button next, it will be final. My decision will have been made. Whether, it is my next novel or not, it is a story I will tell.

In the meantime, you can support a new author by preordering Native Moments. It is still six months away from release, but as I’ve mentioned before and probably will do many times before September 15th, preorders help new authors in multiple ways. Most importantly because it shows book sellers and distributors that the story will sell. So, if you would like to see a new author succeed, preorder their books.


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