First Amazon Reviews In and Books Are Being Shipped

What a great week it’s been. The preorders of Native Moments started getting shipped almost a month early and the first three Amazon reviews have been posted. 

The first picture someone tagged me in on Facebook was a good friend living in Kenosha, WI and he was holding a copy of my book. It came as a surprise, and then more pictures started popping up. It’s such a good feeling to see my friends and family sharing my book with their friends and their excitement of reading it. The one person I was a little concerned about reading it was my mom’s friend. But she knocked it out in a few days and seemed to have enjoyed it. Her response was that she found herself “[…] really worried about Sanch and what he was going to do next […]the character has become real to me.” I was glad she didn’t mention the sex scenes or the plenitude of drugs and alcohol the characters consumed. That’s a conversation I’d rather not have with my mom and her friends. 

This was a photo my nephew tagged me in. I’m excited to hear his feedback when he finishes. He’s a fan of Hunter Thompson and Tom Waits. Two dudes I dig as well. So if he likes my writing, I’m in good company. 
Besides the pictures on Facebook, the first reviews from Amazon were posted as well and I was relieved to see they were all five stars. I know a one star will happen, it’s just a matter of time. But for now, I’ll soak in the stoke of the people who liked it. 

Native Moments is available in paperback and kindle on Amazon

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