I’ve done it!!!

Ray knew what he was talking about. After only 76 rejections, I got the yes. I signed the publishing agreement on Friday. July 2017, Waldorf Publishing, out of Grapevine Texas, will be publishing my debut novel, Native Moments, a literary surf adventure set in Costa Rica. Should be meeting with a cover designer this week. Will chronicle my progress via this blog. But I would also love it if you followed me along on my other social media outlets. 

Instagram: @nic_schuck
Twitter: @schuck_nic

Facebook.com: https://www.facebook.com/nic.schuck

10 thoughts on “I’ve done it!!!

    1. Thanks, Dionne. There is definitely hope. I set my goal of rejections at 300 and only got to 76. It happened pretty quickly actually. I’ve only been submitting since September. But I would send out two or three a day.

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