Why write short stories?

The short answer to this is because all the bad asses of the literary world have: Flannery O’ Conner,  Joyce Carol Oates, Hemingway, Raymond Carver and the list goes on. But why ask this question? Because I like the short story. I like writing them and I like reading them, but the problem is that they don’t really sell. Sure, don’t write because you want … Continue reading Why write short stories?

List of Anticipated Books for 2016

Someone on Good Reads created a list of the most anticipated literary fiction books of 2016 and Native Moments  has been included. If you have a Good Reads account please follow this link and give Native Moments a vote.  I promise I’ll ease up on the self-centered posts in the future, but I’m learning all these new websites that I apparently need to be active on. Up until about … Continue reading List of Anticipated Books for 2016

Setting goals for 2016. 

Reading posts about goals and seeing how much people wrote in 2015, I’ve realized I haven’t been doing as much as I can to make writing a career. Having Waldorf Publishing agree to publish Native Moments was the boost I needed. I had been in a writing slump for years. Glad to have the fire back. This year, when not working on Native Moments, I’m … Continue reading Setting goals for 2016. 

I’ve done it!!!

   Ray knew what he was talking about. After only 76 rejections, I got the yes. I signed the publishing agreement on Friday. July 2017, Waldorf Publishing, out of Grapevine Texas, will be publishing my debut novel, Native Moments, a literary surf adventure set in Costa Rica. Should be meeting with a cover designer this week. Will chronicle my progress via this blog. But I … Continue reading I’ve done it!!!

Moments of Discouragement

Came across the following while looking at a literary agent’s submission guidelines: “We appreciate all queries. But please note that most publishers today are highly selective about what they publish, and often decline to consider works by unknown or uncredentialed writers. We do our best to overcome these strictures for our clients, but they are powerful obstacles.” Basically, if you aren’t a published writer with … Continue reading Moments of Discouragement