Final Edits

Native Moments is with the final editor. This is the stage I’ve been dreading. This means it is over. All the hard work I’ve put into this leads up to this moment. No more changes. My worst fear is opening the book for the first time and seeing a mistake. Or if I ever decide to read it again, thinking I should’ve had a different ending. I’ll probably never read it again because of that. It will sit on my bookshelf and I will pick it up on occasion and glance at the cover and have a moment of pride knowing that I accomplished one of my biggest goals. But that moment of pride will be temporary because I will have to finish my next book. And then the process starts all over again. I have a novella and a collection of stories that I would like to see in print, but if getting a novel published is this hard, I can only imagine how difficult a collection of stories will be.

Getting the book in print is only a small portion of the book’s life. Now comes the never-ending part: marketing. I didn’t write this book to sit on my shelf. I wrote it so people will read it. Excited to see what Book Expo America is about and hopefully learn some insider information on how to get this book into the hands of readers. If you haven’t already done so, you can pre-order Native Moments. Pre-orders are an important part of the process, especially for first time authors. Book sellers need to know the book will sell. They have never heard my name, but if my publisher can present some pre-order numbers than I have chance of getting the book stocked in book stores. Writing begins as an art, but quickly becomes a business. The two must work together. Not really what most artists want to hear. But to be a good artist, you’ve got be a great businessperson as well. Shameless promoting is part of the game.


Native Moments, a novel; Waldorf Publishing, Sept. 2016

3 thoughts on “Final Edits

  1. OMG! This is my most current fear: final edits. What if?? And I haven’t even started pitching yet.

    But, what if, when you finally decide to read Native Moments again years from now, you end up saying, “This book is brilliant! Can’t believe I wrote this!” 🙂

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    1. That’s a great thought. I do think it’s a really great story, but I’m concerned with just simple mistakes that might break the reader’s dream. Those mistakes can be distracting. But there is still the fear of other’s will think it’s as good of a story as I think it is.


      1. I understand. The simplest errors/omissions can slip past us again and again. Your editor has fresh eyes and experience, so hopefully everything will be caught and the market will receive it well.

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