An Excerpt from Native Moments

I’m reading the entire manuscript aloud in my garage. This is my last chance to get it right before I send it back to my publisher on Sunday to leave it forever unchanged. Here is a little excerpt, a couple sentences, that I would like to share. This is the first night that Sanch is sleeping in his tent in Costa Rica, only two months after his brother, Buck, has died. His brother dying isn’t a spoiler. You learn that in the opening sentences.  

“He tried to keep thinking about Buck to keep himself from falling asleep because oftentimes in that moment just before sleep he felt himself dying. Or what he imagined dying to feel like, his soul or what he thought of as his soul, swiftly leaving his body and it frightened him to be aware that he was dying.” 

Native Moments is a surf story, but it explores many themes besides how awesome surfing is. Death, obviously, a major theme. Hope you enjoyed it. 
If you’ve been meaning to purchase a preorder copy to help out, today would be a good day. It’s currently sitting at #30 overall in the surfing category and #3 in the hot new releases for surfing. Another preorder or two and it could break the top ten. Looks like my publisher is also running a sale today. 
Purchase here at Amazon

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