An Excerpt from Native Moments

I’m reading the entire manuscript aloud in my garage. This is my last chance to get it right before I send it back to my publisher on Sunday to leave it forever unchanged. Here is a little excerpt, a couple sentences, that I would like to share. This is the first night that Sanch is sleeping in his tent in Costa Rica, only two months … Continue reading An Excerpt from Native Moments

Editing Native Moments 

 Printed out over 100 pages of suggestions sent to me from my editor. Amazed by how many simple errors I had. An omitted word here or there, a single quotation mark instead of double, a few misspellings, etc. Having those extra set of eyes comb over your manuscript is imperative. If I were to ever self publish, I would definitely invest in an editor. Working … Continue reading Editing Native Moments 

Stoner, Preorder Contest and The End

I’ve been doing a lot of starting and stopping when it comes to reading lately. Can’t seem to get fully invested into a book the last few weeks. A buddy of mine has been telling for a while now that I must read Stoner (New York Review Books Classics) by John Williams. It arrived in the mail yesterday. I skipped the introduction because I felt it … Continue reading Stoner, Preorder Contest and The End

Paris Review Interview with John Gardner

You ever get stuck reading the Art of Fiction? Sometimes, I can’t enough. Even if I’ve read them before. Here is one I read today. John Gardner’s #73 from 1979. Enjoy. INTERVIEWER You have been called a “philosophical novelist.” What do you think of the label? GARDNER I’m not sure that being a philosophical novelist is better than being some other kind, but I guess … Continue reading Paris Review Interview with John Gardner

Native Moments’ first review 

Poet Jonathan Fink, professor and Director of Creative Writing at the University of West Florida has been kind enough to read Native Moments and share his thoughts prior to the release. This will be used as a blurb on the back cover. “Like the Walt Whitman lines from which Nic Schuck takes the title for his debut novel, Native Moments explores ‘life coarse and rank’ … Continue reading Native Moments’ first review 

Update from the Publisher’s Meeting

A couple of posts ago, I said, “Tuesday is the day.” That Tuesday was yesterday. A publisher had contacted me and said he was meeting with his partners to discuss my novel, Native Moments. I didn’t hear from him yesterday and thought, I guess no news is bad news. That’s how it works in publishing. However, this morning, I got a call. The publisher said they … Continue reading Update from the Publisher’s Meeting