First personalized rejection

Native Moments

Finally got a rejection where it sounded as if the agent actually read my work. He mentioned the title and spelled my name correctly. Funny how a rejection can be inspiring. But this is the most confident I’ve felt since beginning this endeavor that Native Moments will get published. I like the font I chose for the title, but I’m fully aware that it may not stay that way. Hell, the title, which I’ve become so attached to, may not even stay the same. And I’m okay with that too. But for the time being, it’s called Native Moments. I also changed my query letter for the third time. Was really struggling with a one sentence tag line. It’s hard to sum up 360 plus pages into one sentence. I’ve got it now. It was a really great exercise that helped me hone in on what the story is truly about. On a side note, I couldn’t for the life of me remember how to spell exercise and was so far off that spell check couldn’t help me. Google came to the rescue though. Back to sending query letters. Now up to 46 sent. 7 rejections.


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