Overcoming self doubt and criticism

At some point, the satisfaction I felt from reading a well written story crossed over to wanting to be able to write a well written story. I wanted to learn the craft of storytelling to see if I could tell a compelling story, one that stuck with the readers after they finished it. I wrote a story that I thought would be fun to read. … Continue reading Overcoming self doubt and criticism

I’ve done it!!!

   Ray knew what he was talking about. After only 76 rejections, I got the yes. I signed the publishing agreement on Friday. July 2017, Waldorf Publishing, out of Grapevine Texas, will be publishing my debut novel, Native Moments, a literary surf adventure set in Costa Rica. Should be meeting with a cover designer this week. Will chronicle my progress via this blog. But I … Continue reading I’ve done it!!!

Native Moments, a novel 

I haven’t written much about my novel except about queries and rejections. It’s a surf/travel adventure. I’m doing something different with this story though. It isn’t Point Break or North Shore. In fact, the only thing similar to those movies is that there is surfing in Native Moments. It seems as surfing stories very rarely get taken serious. I’m hoping to change that. This is the … Continue reading Native Moments, a novel 

September Submissions, updated.

In the month of September I have sent 36 queries for my novel Native Moments. I’ve received 5 rejections in return. All forms. The most straight forward was one that said, “not for me.” No capitalization, no punctuation, no gesture of gratitude. I guess it just wasn’t for her. I may tweak my query letter yet again. At least I haven’t received one like Gertrude … Continue reading September Submissions, updated.

List of Notable Rejections

Found this at http://nybookeditors.com/2013/04/publishers-rejections-dont-mean-anything-and-what-does/ Chicken Soup for the Soul by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen – 140 rejections Dubliners by James Joyce – 22 rejections Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – 121 times rejections Carrie by Stephen King – 30 rejections Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell – 38 rejections Dune by Frank Herbert – 23 rejections JK Rowling – 12 … Continue reading List of Notable Rejections