2 down, 16 still out

fingers crossed

Received my second rejection letter today. Still have 16 floating around out there. And I’ll keep sending more out until I get that one that responds how I want them to respond. The latest rejection came from an agent named Dan Lazar, so I looked him up and researched him a bit more than I did when I inquired with him. Found a few interviews with him.

Here is a good one: http://www.middlegradeninja.com/2010/07/7-questions-for-literary-agent-daniel.html

And another one here: http://www.jmtohline.com/2013/04/daniel-lazar-literary-agent-interview.html

3 thoughts on “2 down, 16 still out

  1. Hi Nic. Sorry to hear about your #2. I’d like to ask if you’re participating in a writers’ group. Do you belong to one? If not, I HIGHLY recommend them. There wasn’t one close to me so I started one back in 2011. The folks in my group have been excellent resources (free and friendly) helping me shape and improve my story. I’m still getting rejections, but it’s all a part of the process. 🙂


    1. I’m not. Not sure if there is one in my city either. I’ll have to look. I do miss writing workshops like when I was in grad school. I teach writing at a state college and we do writing workshops for my students and I can see they dig it. I’m a bit jealous we don’t ever get to workshop my stuff.


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