Update from the Publisher’s Meeting

EH quote

A couple of posts ago, I said, “Tuesday is the day.” That Tuesday was yesterday. A publisher had contacted me and said he was meeting with his partners to discuss my novel, Native Moments. I didn’t hear from him yesterday and thought, I guess no news is bad news. That’s how it works in publishing. However, this morning, I got a call. The publisher said they met for 3 hours about my book. Everyone loved it. Could see it being a success. He praised my writing. He praised the story. But… I thought it was “The Call.” I thought I was getting going to the Big Leagues. While he was talking I was already planning on buying a box of wine, the kind that is equal to four bottles for $20, calling some friends and getting drunk in celebration. But it was not the call. After all the kind words, it came down to, “Continue building a readership and resubmit next year.” He said that I didn’t have a big enough fan base to guarantee the book’s success. I wrote about that on yesterday’s post. Publishers do not want to publish an unknown writer because the chances of success are slim, but a writer can’t get published because he isn’t already a well established writer. So, I’m back to where I’ve been for a very long time it seems now. Nothing to do, but keep on submitting.

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