Another Rejection 

I received a rejection email back for a short story, but sent that story to 4 more literary journals. Also, found a publisher who accepts unsolicited manuscripts, so I sent my novel out as well. Staying motivated is probably the toughest part about being a writer. A rejection slip can easily make you feel as if you are wasting your time. The key, I hope, is to just keep writing and just keep submitting. 

6 thoughts on “Another Rejection 

  1. Rejections can certainly suck the motivation out of a writer, but I’ve found they start to lose their sting once you get into the triple digits. You’ve got the right idea, though. The best way to handle rejection is to keep writing and keep submitting. Good luck and good writing!

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  2. Keep at it! This reminds me of when I started applying for jobs after my first master’s degree. I sent out résumés and cover letters for almost a year, with rejections coming in the mail every day. Persistence is the key. Don’t get depressed! USM finally hired me.


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