Is blogging a waste of time for writers?

Author L.L. Barkat thinks so:

I will not lie. I have not heard of L.L. Barkat until I came across her blog post. So, is it a waste of time? I looked at her Amazon page, her twitter account and even saw that she has a lifecoaching business and website. She wrote a blog about blogging being a waste of time, yet it exposed me to her and now I’m exposing her to other people who may happen across this post and may have never heard of her either. So I’d have to disagree. I don’t see how blogging could be a waste of time if it opens up the chance of being discovered by random readers.

So blog away fellow bloggers, but keep writing, too. Write more than you blog is probably the key.

If you are wondering how I came across L.L. Barkat’s post, it’s because I was thinking I should probably write a blog post and then thought, I bet Jim Harrison wouldn’t have started a blog. Look at him. Does he look like the blogging type? But I’m not Jim Harrison and I’ll do what I have to do.


Did you know he wrote a cookbook? The Raw and the Cooked: Adventures of a Roving Gourmand

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