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In preparation for my first creative writing course I visited Open Books, a “non-profit, volunteer run book store. Proceeds from the sale of books and donations support the Prison Book Project.” I haven’t given poetry the full attention I should have and knew that the staff there would be able to help me select some important books to familiarize myself before the fall semester. I walked away with three writers that I’m very excited to read. Louise Erdrich, I have heard of. Read her novel The Last Report on the Miracles of Little No Horse years ago. Notzake Shange, I had ‘t heard of but she coined the term choreopoem in 1975. A choreopoem is a combination of poetry, dance, music and song. I have not started reading either book yet. The one I have started is The Essential Etheridge Knight, a collection of Ethridge Knight poems. I had not heard of Etheridge Knight before, but am sure glad I have now. I have not encountered a writer as raw and powerful as this in a long time. The insight into prison life that he experienced is shocking and profound and I’m excited to share this find with my students. Thanks to Scott Satterwhite at Open Books for the recommendations. 

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