List of Anticipated Books for 2016

Someone on Good Reads created a list of the most anticipated literary fiction books of 2016 and Native Moments  has been included. If you have a Good Reads account please follow this link and give Native Moments a vote.  I promise I’ll ease up on the self-centered posts in the future, but I’m learning all these new websites that I apparently need to be active on. Up until about … Continue reading List of Anticipated Books for 2016

Native Moments’ first review 

Poet Jonathan Fink, professor and Director of Creative Writing at the University of West Florida has been kind enough to read Native Moments and share his thoughts prior to the release. This will be used as a blurb on the back cover. “Like the Walt Whitman lines from which Nic Schuck takes the title for his debut novel, Native Moments explores ‘life coarse and rank’ … Continue reading Native Moments’ first review 

Setting goals for 2016. 

Reading posts about goals and seeing how much people wrote in 2015, I’ve realized I haven’t been doing as much as I can to make writing a career. Having Waldorf Publishing agree to publish Native Moments was the boost I needed. I had been in a writing slump for years. Glad to have the fire back. This year, when not working on Native Moments, I’m … Continue reading Setting goals for 2016. 

It’s getting unreal

   Seeing this online. Getting the isbn number. Having two authors that I respect agree to read my book and write a blurb. Excited isn’t the word. All that bullshit about just keep taking small steps towards your goal and eventually you will see it to fruition, actually isn’t bullshit after all.  Check out the description on Amazon and let me know what you think.  … Continue reading It’s getting unreal