5 Days Left!!!

Only five days left to enter the goodreads giveaway. You will be entered to win a free autographed copy of Native Moments.  Enter here.  Also, still looking for reviewers. Read it before it becomes available. I’ll send you a PDF file in exchange for an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads or both. Just email me at Nic.Schuck@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you.  Native … Continue reading 5 Days Left!!!

Good Reads Giveaway

Here is your chance to win an autographed copy of Native Moments before it comes out. The GoodReads giveaway ends July 26th. That is almost two months before the release date. Enter Now! Also, if you preorder from Amazon you will receive your copy earlier than if you wait to buy it from me directly. I won’t have any for sale until about two weeks after the release … Continue reading Good Reads Giveaway

It’s getting unreal

   Seeing this online. Getting the isbn number. Having two authors that I respect agree to read my book and write a blurb. Excited isn’t the word. All that bullshit about just keep taking small steps towards your goal and eventually you will see it to fruition, actually isn’t bullshit after all.  Check out the description on Amazon and let me know what you think.  … Continue reading It’s getting unreal