Amazon Rankings, BEA and Writing a Synopsis

It’s a good feeling to see Native Moments rise in the ranks with the presale orders. Yesterday it climbed to #17 in the surfing category. Today is back down to #61. But it is staying at #2 so far on the Hottest New Releases list. Thank you to all who have already placed orders. Can’t wait until you actually get to read it. Eight months feels so far away.

Another exciting moment in the writing journey will be in May. My publisher, Waldorf Publishing, has a booth at Book Expo America in Chicago and I’ll be attending. I have absolutely no idea what to expect. I’ve read some blogs on people’s first time there and everyone seems to say how overwhelming it can be. I’ll definitely be reporting back on my experience there.

Yesterday, my publisher had me reduce my 1,500 word synopsis down to 500 words. Not such an easy task. I found these websites useful in helping to write a synopsis: Writer’s Digest and Graeme Shimmin. I turned it in to her at 499 words. She will be including it in packages that she is sending off to TV/Film agents. There’s always interest for another surf film, right? Just hope if she is able to make the sale that I get to either help with the screenplay or consult on the film. Would not mind venturing into that industry. I’ve watch enough episodes of Entourage to know how the business works.

So again, thanks to those who have already ordered. If you haven’t you can take a look at the amazon page here.





3 thoughts on “Amazon Rankings, BEA and Writing a Synopsis

  1. Nick, the best way to get to help with the screenplay is to write the screenplay now and if producers want to buy the option to your book, that instead it will be for the screenplay option. Best way to get to creatively consult is to be famous like JK Rowling, or write the screenplay yourself. If they just option the book, best you can hope for is to get to go on set once or twice. They won’t let you near the script. But movies are always better when the author writes it. Read Syd Field’s book on screenplay writing for advice. And see you at BEA; it is overwhelming, but fun. @ibbenator

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