Keys to Hemingway’s Writing

Reading Dr. Allen Josephs’ book On Hemingway and Spain: Essays and Reviews 1970-2013, I came across a great little nugget of information that Josephs has observed about how Hemingway wrote. These were 5 keys to Hemingway’s method:

1) inventing from experience
2) omitting
3) visualizing 
4)making the reader feel it 
5)secretly writing poetry

I try to remember these things when I write. Not because I want to emulate Hemingway’s writing, but I want to learn from it. For instance, the omitting part. There are often times when I writer writes too much. I think one reason could be because some writers, especially new writers, tend to focus on word count. Nothing can big down a good story like too many words. 

There are so many great essays about Hemingway in this collection, but this one I tend to return to more than the others. 
If you check it out, I’d love to hear your thoughts. 


One thought on “Keys to Hemingway’s Writing

  1. I do love the quality of Hemingway’s writing you refer to as “omitting.” I can’t get through 10 pages of novels that assume the reader has no imagination. I have started (but not finished) best sellers that are in this category by people who are not new writers. Thanks for this reference!

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