Some Thoughts on Election 2016

First, this song comes to mind. Melodramatic? Maybe.

Have we all just become reality TV participants?

At least we know Hillary wasn’t cut out for the job. She couldn’t even rig an election correctly.

Election Day should be a national holiday celebrated by sitting in a tavern and having arm wrestling matches.

My daughter, she’s six, when she woke up the next morning and we told her Trump had won said, “Is his face going to be on donuts now?” I sure as hell hope she isn’t some sort of weird prophet.

I was asked by a facebook “friend” on one of my posts, “Why so sour?” And then he put a winky face. He’s a Trump supporter. My response was, “Not sour. More like disbelief. But on the other hand, Russia, North Korea and the KKK are stoked.”

So now we realize that you really can be anything you want. Even a clam grabber.

Will Idiocracy now be labeled as a documentary?

Will our new national motto be “Grab America by the Pussy”?

Jokes aside. Eh, jokes are how I deal with tragedy. I’m not proud of it.

This song also comes to mind:


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