09/15/16 – The Day I Became a Published Author

After months of sitting on Amazon’s Hot New Releases in the Surfing and Costa Rica categories, today is the official release date of Native Moments. All three versions are now avaialble on Amazon: Paperback, Kindle and Audio.  If you subscribe to this blog using your email address, you’ll be entered to win a free audio version of Native Moments.  Also, in a few days I’ll … Continue reading 09/15/16 – The Day I Became a Published Author

First Amazon Reviews In and Books Are Being Shipped

What a great week it’s been. The preorders of Native Moments started getting shipped almost a month early and the first three Amazon reviews have been posted.  The first picture someone tagged me in on Facebook was a good friend living in Kenosha, WI and he was holding a copy of my book. It came as a surprise, and then more pictures started popping up. … Continue reading First Amazon Reviews In and Books Are Being Shipped

Costa Rica – Twenty Years Later

Just bought tickets to visit Costa Rica in January. Almost twenty years later…Seventeen to be exact, but what’s three year? Yes, that is still a long time from now, but I’m older now and I plan ahead. I’ve got a business to run even while I’m out of the country. Much different than when I was twenty and a buddy of mine mentioned that Costa Rica … Continue reading Costa Rica – Twenty Years Later

Native Moments – Kindle Version 

In one month Native Moments will be released. Having made that switch from writer to salesman is strange, but if I want to continue to play the role of the writer, books have to sell. And with hundreds of thousands of books coming out every year, there is no other way to get noticed but through shameless self-promotion. With that being said, Native Moments is now … Continue reading Native Moments – Kindle Version 

5 Days Left!!!

Only five days left to enter the goodreads giveaway. You will be entered to win a free autographed copy of Native Moments.  Enter here.  Also, still looking for reviewers. Read it before it becomes available. I’ll send you a PDF file in exchange for an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads or both. Just email me at Nic.Schuck@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you.  Native … Continue reading 5 Days Left!!!

Good Reads Giveaway

Here is your chance to win an autographed copy of Native Moments before it comes out. The GoodReads giveaway ends July 26th. That is almost two months before the release date. Enter Now! Also, if you preorder from Amazon you will receive your copy earlier than if you wait to buy it from me directly. I won’t have any for sale until about two weeks after the release … Continue reading Good Reads Giveaway

First Time at Book Expo America

When I found out I was going to Chicago for Book Expo America, the first thing I did was google “what do writers do at book expo america” and different variations of that. I didn’t find too much out there to tell new writers what to expect. I read a really good blog post called “Don’t Pay Money for BEA Book Promotion.” After attending, I agree … Continue reading First Time at Book Expo America

Not a follow up to Book Expo America; just another shameless bragging post

I’m working on collecting my three days of notes to tell people about my first experience at Book Expo America and hopefully give some insight into what writers can expect by attending, but for now I’m just bragging about my publication on the kickass website theinertia.com. If your unfamiliar with it, it’s a great website for surfing news. I was stoked they accepted an excerpt … Continue reading Not a follow up to Book Expo America; just another shameless bragging post

What to expect at Book Expo America

Wednesday morning I will head to Chicago to attend Book Expo America. This is supposedly the biggest conference in the publishing industry. It seems really geared towards publishers, agents and book sellers and I’m not sure the writer’s role at this conference. I was encouraged to attend by my publisher. She has several author passes available and will be showcasing Waldorf Publishing 2016 books of … Continue reading What to expect at Book Expo America