Go Vote!

Would be great to hear the Doctor’s thoughts on this year’s elections. Whoever you are planning on voting for, the important thing to do is vote. It’s easy to think that it doesn’t matter, especially when our options are between a cockroach and shit sandwich. But we have to vote. You have to make a decision. And tomorrow evening will be the beginning of an … Continue reading Go Vote!

Pensacola and the Start of Gonzo Journalism

When most people talk of Hunter S Thompson, Pensacola, Florida very rarely makes it into the conversation. However, one could argue that America’s First Settlement is where Gonzo journalism began. In 1956, a young 19 year old Hunter Thompson was stationed at Eglin Air Force Base. The following excerpt is from a Paris Review interview on how he got started as a writer: “When I got … Continue reading Pensacola and the Start of Gonzo Journalism