Costa Rica – Twenty Years Later

Just bought tickets to visit Costa Rica in January.¬†Almost twenty years later…Seventeen to be exact, but what’s three year? Yes, that is still a long time from now, but I’m older now and I plan ahead. I’ve got a business to run even while I’m out of the country. Much different than when I was twenty and a buddy of mine mentioned that Costa Rica … Continue reading Costa Rica – Twenty Years Later

First Round of Edits are Finished.

I finished the¬†150 pages of edit suggestions from editor #1. I agreed with about 99% of them. Amazing what I missed. I thought I knew every word of that manuscript. I left out words, misspelled words, misused words and had some jumbled sentences that she helped me clarify. On top of her suggestions, I had some really great and brutally honest feedback from a respected … Continue reading First Round of Edits are Finished.