Making your Family Vacations a Work Trip

After visiting Costa Rica in 1999, I told myself I wouldn’t return until I wrote novel and got it published. 17 years later, I’m returning. It took much longer than I expected. Many years of self-doubt and work and starting a business and starting a family made writing increasingly difficult. But on January 24th, I’m heading back to Costa Rica with my wife and daughter. However, this isn’t just a regular family vacation; this is also a work trip! I will be taking a box of books with me and visiting book stores and surf shops and doing everything I can to get my books in people’s hands. In fact, I have a book signing set for January 28th at Jaime Peligro’s Book Store in Tamarindo from 2pm – 4pm. So if you are in that area, come by and say hey and get a book. 


Nic Schuck is the author of Native Moments and it is available on Amazon

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