Native Moments: photos and corresponding pages -part 2 

Forgot about these photos from my recent trip to Costa Rica. 

Pedro’s was first introduced in Native Moments on page 80 when Sanch and Jake first order the whole fried red snapper meal.

This is where the Pescador once stood. A few scenes took place here. Jake playing jump pool and Sanch eating ceviche for the first time (page 211). Unfortunately the Pescador burned down in 2015. This new spot opened in its place. 

This was once the Mambo Bar. A few locals still remember when it was called that. Here is where Sanch gets his ears pierced out under the light by the outhouse (page 155). 

Pasatiempo was never mentioned by name in the book but served as the inspiration for the Expatriato (page 86).  The song Rick is playing as Sanch and Jake walk in for the first time is this one:

Cabinas Rodamar was never mentioned by name either but served as inspiration for the Hotel Abrigo. You may recognize the stove from the scene where Jesus is laughing at Sanch and Jake for getting shocked (page 149). 

Photo of Playa Grande (page 41). 

A rodeo on TV. Sanch and Jake enter the ring on page 200. 

Punta Arenas beach and the ferry boat Sanch and Jake travel on after leaving Santa Teresa (page 277-278).

Hope you enjoyed this visual presentation of Native Moments. If you haven’t read it yet, you can get a copy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Target

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