Panhandlers, A Novel in Stories Book Cover Reveal 

It’s been a few days over a year since my debut novel, Native Moments, was published. It’s been fun. The best part is seeing the reviews or having people tell you that they read it and liked it. When it was first released, it was #1 on Amazon’s new release list for Surfing. It reached as high as number #7 in Surfing after it was no longer a new release. I got a check in the mail from my publisher. I held a few book signings and a reading. I once sold forty-six books at a book signing and I once sold three. Luckily, I haven’t been skunked yet at a book signing. I tell myself if I at least sell one book at a book signing, I will consider it a success. That is one more person who can potentially read my book and like it and share it with their friends. I revisited Costa Rica and the spots that I wrote about in Native Moments

And now, I’m preparing another book for publication. Panhandlers, a novel in stories, will be published by the same publisher I previously worked with, Waldorf Publishing, and is scheduled for a September 2018 release. There is still some surfing scenes in it, but much less. It’s set mostly in the Panhandle of Florida in a fictional, forgotten lumber town on the Alabama/Florida border, just fifty miles north of Pensacola Beach. It’s a family tale of poverty, crime and drugs. It’s violent and gritty. I hope if you are fan of Harry Crews, Larry Brown, and Barry Hannah, you will give this book a try and hopefully enjoy it as well. 

This is the cover to Panhandlers, a novel in stories:

Feel free to let me know what you think. 

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