Advanced Readers needed for Panhandlers

In six months my second novel, Panhandlers will be published. I’m really proud of this one. I was really proud of Native Moments, too, but I feel I’ve grown as a writer since then and I really look forward to sharing this new story with you. I’m looking for advanced readers that will share their review of it on their blogs or on Amazon and Good reads when the time comes. I will need an email address to email you the PDF copy and in exchange you will write an honest review when it is released. If you have a blog, you will be sent a copy first as long as you can guarantee a date when you will publish the review on your blog.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you great folks.

Early praise for Panhandlers:

“Things have changed little in the profound South since the days of Harry Crews and Larry Brown. If you like the gritty South noir that began with Sanctuary, you will find Panhandlers–from the piney-woods northwest Florida region–very satisfying. Nic Schuck knows his territory and he knows the inhabitants and their mores–cock fighting, dog fighting, beer drinking, shooting, and the never-ending, gut-wrenching age-old art of mere survival–first-hand. If you want the real story, this is it.” – Allen Josephs is the author, most recently, of On Cormac McCarthy: Essays on Mexico, Crime, Hemingway and God 

“Nic Schuck captures the nuances of the seedier side of the Florida Panhandle like few have in this collection of interwoven short stories. The characters bear eerie resemblances to the people we have investigated and covered over the years. Well done.” – Rick Outzen, publisher of Pensacola’s Independent News and author of City of Grudges

“As an instructor of literature and the co-owner of an indie bookstore, I have the opportunity to read a number of young authors. By far, Nic Schuck is one of the most talented new writers I’ve come across in years. With echoes of Hemingway and McCarthy– as well as newer Southern writers such as Tom Franklin–Nic Schuck adds a unique contribution to both modern Southern literature and the emerging Florida canon, with the truly authentic voice of the Gulf South.” – C. Scott Satterwhite, University of West Florida and co-owner of Open Books

Panhandlers is available for preorder and if you haven’t read Native Moments yet, it’s available in print, ebook or audio. Click here to order.

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