Update from the Publisher’s Meeting

A couple of posts ago, I said, “Tuesday is the day.” That Tuesday was yesterday. A publisher had contacted me and said he was meeting with his partners to discuss my novel, Native Moments. I didn’t hear from him yesterday and thought, I guess no news is bad news. That’s how it works in publishing. However, this morning, I got a call. The publisher said they … Continue reading Update from the Publisher’s Meeting

Moments of Discouragement

Came across the following while looking at a literary agent’s submission guidelines: “We appreciate all queries. But please note that most publishers today are highly selective about what they publish, and often decline to consider works by unknown or uncredentialed writers. We do our best to overcome these strictures for our clients, but they are powerful obstacles.” Basically, if you aren’t a published writer with … Continue reading Moments of Discouragement

Native Moments, a novel 

I haven’t written much about my novel except about queries and rejections. It’s a surf/travel adventure. I’m doing something different with this story though. It isn’t Point Break or North Shore. In fact, the only thing similar to those movies is that there is surfing in Native Moments. It seems as surfing stories very rarely get taken serious. I’m hoping to change that. This is the … Continue reading Native Moments, a novel 

September Submissions, updated.

In the month of September I have sent 36 queries for my novel Native Moments. I’ve received 5 rejections in return. All forms. The most straight forward was one that said, “not for me.” No capitalization, no punctuation, no gesture of gratitude. I guess it just wasn’t for her. I may tweak my query letter yet again. At least I haven’t received one like Gertrude … Continue reading September Submissions, updated.